Domestic & Industrial

Save money and time by choosing IGL Coatings to improve the efficiency of your business as well as protecting your assets!

IGL Coatings offers a range of products designed for Industrial, commercial and residential applications for a variety of surfaces and substrates. These coatings are designed to protect the surface from elements and chemicals as well as considerably reduce downtime in cleaning and maintenance.

Coatings such as our unique IGL Eclipse have been proven worldwide in a range of applications from protecting stone bathrooms and kitchens in multimillion-dollar homes to protecting heavy machinery in building and mining applications.

Some applications for IGL Coatings and their benefits:

  • Protection of stone surfaces against staining and chemicals in home, office and commercial applications.
  • House hold coating including kitchens, bathrooms, basins, bath tubs, showers and tiles for prolonged cleanliness and ease of cleaning.
  • Coating of heavy machinery in building and mining industry to reduce downtime in cleaning as well as reduced contamination build up including concrete trucks and pumps.
  • Coating of exterior window glass in home and office to reduce cost and time in cleaning including glass pool fences.
  • Mining and manufacturing industry coatings of surfaces that command considerable cost in cleaning and downtime such as ventilation shafts and fans, production lines and high build up surfaces.



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Acid Rain



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