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Certified Detailers

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IGL Flagship Detailer

IGL Flagship Detailers gain the highest level of access to IGL Products and have shown the highest level of dedication to the IGL brand as well as providing customers with the complete IGL experience.

All Flagship detailers have considerable experience in detailing and coating as well as having demonstrated the highest standards of work ethic and customer service. IGL Flagship Detailers use and offer the entire IGL range of products.

IGL Certified Detailers

IGL Certified Detailers are those businesses that have shown exceptional work standards and ethics and have access to our premium coatings.

IGL Approved Detailers

IGL Approved Detailers are those businesses that offer a limited range of IGL products or are working towards higher access having demonstrated great potential.

Only those detailers who meet the highest standards noted above are permitted to purchase and offer IGL ensuring that no matter where you are in Australia your vehicle will be detailed and coated to the highest of standards.

Want to have your pride and joy detailed and protected with IGL Coatings?

On this page you will find the locations of IGL Certified Detailers in Australia who have been trained and approved to use our premium IGL ceramic protection products. Simply click on the IGL Certified Detailer closest to your location and fill out the contact form for a quote and to book your vehicle!

Why choose IGL for your vehicle?

At IGL Coatings we strive to ensure that customers receive not only exceptional quality products but also the service to match. That is why all detailers that use IGL are interviewed, trained and certified on the basis of strict criteria to ensure that any customer who chooses IGL Coatings to protect their car, boat or home receives the highest quality result.

Based on our assessment of the below criteria we classify IGL professional detailers into 3 categories

  • Workmanship
  • Customer service
  • Application of IGL Coatings products
  • Work ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication to the IGL brand

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