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Magic stuff

This stuff works like magic. Had a car come in that was heavily contaminated by minerals from a basement leak. Restored it back to brand new in no time. Amazing product.

Absolutely outstanding game changer!

Wow! I honestly didn't think a single layer coating could be as good as this one is! Without word of a lie the easiest single layer coating I've ever applied and the results speak for themselves! The performance is unlike anything I've seen previously. If you haven't tried this get on it and give it a go.

Easy and smooth to use

Mitt glove is easy and smooth to use. Really helps with the washing

Fantastic Spot Detailer and shine enhancer

Fantastic Spot Detailer and shine enhancer

literally the best coating I have used to date!

in my experience this is by far the best coating I have worked with, from ease of application, consistency of the product, end result, customer satisfaction and ongoing performance. as well as value for money, Absolute winner and game changer!

IGL Ecoclean Wash Concentrate
Platinum Shine Sydney
IGL Wash

We haven’t stepped away from eco cost wash we begun to use the product.

We will continue to invest into the 5L drums they come in. Great great product.

IGL Aegis is a game changer!

We’ve applied IGL Aegis to a new 300 series Landcruiser, Hilux, RAM TRX, Ranger Raptor and Y63 Patrol. The undercarriages look better than new and will make cleaning super easy!


All I can say is get it applied to your vehicle..
The proven testing and figures of what this coating does is amazing…

IGL Aegis

We had the pleasure of applying this onto a clients roof rack, to provide hydrophobic properties, anti rust and corrosion protection also. Was a great product to install and the results are impeccable.

Love it!

The perfect pairing


Great product, works well and no terrible smell !!

Excellent all in one

This is an excellent versatile product.
Removes light waterspots, adds a nice shine. Excellent topper to other coatings like premier or the igl ceramic. The bottle size and sprayer head is also really nice to use.

IGL Polo Shirts
Tim Martin
great fitment and quality!

Love it! makes looking professional as an installer that much easier!

Aside from Kenzo this is my favourite coating, easy to apply and amazing hydrophobic properties along with protection of course.

The best!

Have been using this coating for many years now, absolutely love it & so do my customers

Awesome quick detailer/ coating maintenance product!

This is my go to product for coating maintenances removing mineral/water spots or just as a quick detailer love it!

Amazing product

Easy to apply, great result.

Outstanding product that works as directed!

IGL Premier is an absolutely outstanding product! I’ve used plenty of topper sprays and this one simply works as directed and is easy to use also which is definitely a bonus.


I was told to buy it and put it on but not sure what it’s supposed to do

Hi Yann

The usage instructions are on the bottle and also numerous videos on YouTube on how to use it. It is not fair nor accurate to give a 3 star review because you have not taken any initiative to look into how the product is used.


Great product

Great to product

IGL Ecocoat Trim (nano coating)

IGL Ecoclean Wash Concentrate

Very smooth to use and smell very good. Love it.

Better than most on the market

Since making the switch from my regular cutting compound to F1 my results have really levelled up!
A great product all round. Non chalky, perfect viscosity, removes scratches up to 3000 grit with little to no swirl marks.
Buy a bottle and see for yourself!

IGL Ecocoat Wheel (nano coating)
Mahdi Green Nano Coating Services
Coated alloy dirt bike rims and polished alloy parts

I used IGL Wheel to coat my dirt bike rims and other parts I polished (swing arm, kickstarter, gear lever sub frame etc). If it was alloy I polished it and coated it. The lustre of the polish was maintained and it is now much quicker to clean. I did drop the bike in one of the sprints I was racing and scratched some of the coating from the swing arm but metal on over rocks that can only be expected. Washed the bike next to my mates and while there was dust and dirt from the 2 days of racing mine washed very quickly which my mate noticed straight away.

Not the expected use of the product but shows how versatile the product line can be with a bit of research and creativity. Still have way over half left and following getting a few pending jobs completed we have a new, well low km set of 4x4 black rims to coat which will come up great. Aiming to level the front faces for aesthetics and apply a bit thicker behind the scenes for longer durability, a method that was covered in the online coatings tutorials.

Once this one is gone I will be reordering again for sure

First time used

I used IGL products for the first time to prep and coat my car and I was extremely pleased with how easy the products were to use and secondly how awesome the final results were.
I can will be ordering again to do my other car very soon!