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Game Changer!!

I have been exclusively using IGL Kenzo for the past 6 months and its has been amazing. From an installer perspective and also the increased performance that the coating delivers to my customers.
Install is simple and zero to low voc ensure me and my employees health is prioritised.
Communication from the distributor has been nothing but amazing something that i didnt receive from other coating companys.
If your looking to offer your customers the most advanced coatings available get in contact with the igl team today

IGL Ecocoat Wheel (nano coating)
Platinum Shine Sydney
IGL Ecocoat Wheel

We have applied the IGL Ecocoat Wheel nano coating numerous times and hace recieved high quality resulsts.


Absolutely stunning coating. Put it on a customers Raptor,and was so impressed by the product, I actually re-coated the bonnet of my own mustang. The hydrophobic properties are nothing short of incredible. Very easy to apply, and results are top notch.

High performance exhaust paint stain removal - Absolutely amazing

Generic wax/grease remover and mineral spirits did nothing, but this cleaned the paint right up (following instructions)

Perfect for road trips

Great little pack to be kept in the car for quick spruce up or spills.

Everything you need and a small pakage

Great quality products, but the thing i like most it the smaller bottle sizes and the carry case that fits under the boot floor or in with the spare wheel.

Love this fabric coating. Unlike others I’ve used this works extremely well!

Love this coating for trims. Finally a trim coating that works!

The best ceramic coating I have used to date!

The best glass ceramic bar none

I wouldn’t ever consider anything else after this!

Blizzard snow foam

Without a doubt the best foam on the market and awesome value for money !

Excellent cannon!

First time use of a snow cannon and I was very impressed with the quality and performance of it. Excellent flow of snow on the vehicle and great coverage. Highly recommended.

Amazing product that’s is true to label!

Cleaning glass is usually the job I dread the most, good results are always difficult. so many products I’ve tried don’t live up to their claims but IGL Glass sure does!!!

This product was recommended to me and I have found it to be extremely good. My car looks like it has just been polished all the time. In addition rain is repelled and of course does not remain on the car when parked.


I had my car (Lexus) ceramic coated 12 months ago. The car always looks great and using the wash concentrate is SO easy. Wash on rinse off, big mat dry rug. Done. Every few washes, I apply Enhancer - quick detailer and the car always sparkles. GREAT products. Thanks. Grant B

IGL Multi

IGL Multi is by far the best all purpose cleaning product that I have used and the performance is 5/5. I definetly would urge people to get this product as perfroms to a high level.


A leather coating that works as stated! Easy to apply and does exactly what it says it’s going to do.

Highly recommended.

IGL Ecoclean Iron

The best iron remover I have used over years of trying to find the best product, highly recommend

Makes Ceramic application that much easier

I much prefer these MF socks to the old fashioned synthetic cloths you’d wrap around a block. The socks are far more predictable and consistent in application

Fantastic product, couldn’t recommend more highly!!

Ease of application is unmatched. Finish, gloss, hydrophobic properties and durability are unmatched.


This stuff works so good I’m never changing

Corrosion prevention aegis

We have been using this revolutionary product more and more in our business and it really is a game changer for our clients , nothing else like it on the market !

Best product ever

IGL premier is amazing

IGL Ecocoat Wheel (nano coating)
Scruba’s Detailing
Hands down best wheel coating i've used!

Super easy to apply and buff off. The repelling of water and other fluids is insane! Cleaning is so easy with this coating applied also. Highly recommend!