IGL Ecoclear Aegis - Environmentally Friendly Clear Anti Corrosion Coating

All metal/alloy safe: ✔
Concrete safe: ✔
Glass safe: ✔
Applied directly to surface without primer: ✔
Easy to use: ✔
Surface: Good adhesion on a wide range of substrates such as steel, wood, glass, alloy, metals and concrete.

Introducing Ecoclear Aegis: The Ultimate Anti-Corrosion Clear Coating

Ecoclear Aegis is a state-of-the-art, anti-corrosion clear coating that will revolutionise your corrosion protection game. Formulated with a silicone hybrid resin-based 2-component (2K) paint elastomer system, Aegis is reinforced with graphene, enhancing its performance and mechanical properties.

Designed to safeguard steel, alloy, concrete, glass, and various other surfaces in highly corrosive environments (C5), Aegis offers unrivalled protection. Whether it's metals like steel, alloy, or copper, or surfaces like glass, concrete, and even wood, Aegis has it all covered. It excels in demanding industries such as mining, construction, oil refineries, as well as home and commercial applications.

IGL Aegis applied on John Deere sprayer

Aegis boasts hydrophobic properties, making it resistant to water and self-cleaning. Its lightweight and durable nature ensure long-lasting performance. Rest assured, Aegis has been rigorously tested to industry standards, with a lifespan of over 15 years in non-marine environments and 7 years in marine environments, exhibiting minimal signs of degradation.

By choosing IGL Aegis, you shield your surfaces from rust, corrosion, etching, and oxidation. What sets Aegis apart is its clear coating system, allowing immediate detection of corrosion signs. This enables early preventive measures, saving you time, costs, and preventing accidents. Moreover, Aegis surpasses its competition in terms of environmental friendliness, as it contains no heavy metals and has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels.

 Kenworth tipper chassis coated with IGL Aegis

The applications for IGL Aegis are vast and diverse. From building and construction to mining, oil, offshore industries, and even off-road vehicles that require corrosion protection and resistance against dirt and grime, Aegis is the ultimate choice. Experience ease of cleaning and unmatched corrosion defence with IGL Aegis.

Protect your surfaces with confidence and ensure long-term durability. Choose Ecoclear Aegis today and bid farewell to corrosion worries.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to request copies of our ASTM test results and validations for this product!

IGL Aegis vs Rocol Z30 Favelle Favco

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Customer Reviews

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Perth polishing and protection
Corrosion prevention aegis

We have been using this revolutionary product more and more in our business and it really is a game changer for our clients , nothing else like it on the market !

Ben Horwood
IGL Aegis

Fantastic product back up with the service and support to match!

Christian Rawson
Aegis is great!

I applied IGL Ecoclear Aegis to the underbody of an old Jeep Wrangler with amazing results. Now protected from corrosion for many years to come!