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Due to incredibly high demand IGL Aegis is currently on back order - We expect deliveries to resume mid to  end June. Please note that orders will be shipped out on a first in first out basis


IGL Aegis industrial anti corrosion clear coat astm validated test results

Industrial Solutions IGL Aegis is the ultimate anti-corrosion coating system, designed for high corrosive environments (C5) protecting  steel, concrete, glass and other more surfaces requiring protection!

Aegis is the ultimate protection against corrosion. It’s greener formula protects and delays corrosion longer than traditional solutions. Early signs of corrosion can be easily detected with the anti-corrosion clear coating. Saving time, costs and accidents with preventive measures.

Key Features: low surface energy and smooth surface, environmental-friendly, user-friendly, great adhesion on a wide range on substrates and transparent. Its self-levelling system reduces downtime for application and repairs. Improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Aegis is unique using Graphene Nanotubes Technology (GNT) that acts as an excellent as a barrier against both oxidation and chemical attacks. The GNT acts to improve barrier properties making it harder for water molecules to pass through.

IGL Aegis is simple to apply, extremely durable and tested up to 6,000 hours (salt spray tests) and 4,000 hours (water immersion). No other anti-corrosion coating system comes close to IGL Aegis!

The Star of Industrial Solutions, IGL Aegis is the next generation in anti-corrosion coatings featuring:

  • Clarity – detect signs of corrosion before it becomes a problem
  • Lightweight – less product is used for added protection, reducing weight
  • Extreme Durability – tested for 6,000 hours (salt spray) and 4,000 (water immersion) and counting!
  • Easy to Apply – simple to mix and use
  • Self Cleaning – optimal hydrophobicity requiring less maintenance
  • Sustainable formula. 


IGL Aegis applied on John Deere sprayer

Arctic Blasting Sydney underbody anti corrosion coating


 Kenworth tipper chassis coated with IGL Aegis

The applications for IGL Aegis are vast and diverse. From building and construction to mining, oil, offshore industries, and even off-road vehicles that require corrosion protection and resistance against dirt and grime, Aegis is the ultimate choice. Experience ease of cleaning and unmatched corrosion defence with IGL Aegis.

Protect your surfaces with confidence and ensure long-term durability. Choose Ecoclear Aegis today and bid farewell to corrosion worries.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to request copies of our ASTM test results and validations for this product!



Want to see IGL Aegis in action? Simply search it in your social media or Google for endless examples of this product in action!

Would you like to learn more about this amazing product and learn its specifications and application process? IGL Aegis is now part of our online training program found here! 

4x4 anti rust underbody coating rust guard no rust

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
IGL Aegis is a game changer!

We’ve applied IGL Aegis to a new 300 series Landcruiser, Hilux, RAM TRX, Ranger Raptor and Y63 Patrol. The undercarriages look better than new and will make cleaning super easy!

Brett Hamilton

All I can say is get it applied to your vehicle..
The proven testing and figures of what this coating does is amazing…

IGL Aegis

We had the pleasure of applying this onto a clients roof rack, to provide hydrophobic properties, anti rust and corrosion protection also. Was a great product to install and the results are impeccable.

Perth polishing and protection
Corrosion prevention aegis

We have been using this revolutionary product more and more in our business and it really is a game changer for our clients , nothing else like it on the market !

Ben Horwood
IGL Aegis

Fantastic product back up with the service and support to match!