IGL Ecocoat Poly (nano coating)

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Ecocoat Poly is our original paint coating formulation. Created with more than 70% of proprietary modified silica and a fast flash off solvent, it crosslinks to form a hardness of 8H that amplifies the shine, gloss and protects the paint from the environment.

The hardness of the coating protects the paint with a much slower degradation during daily use.

Kit consist of:

30ml kit – Ecocoat Poly 30ml, Ecoclean Precoat 60ml, Ecocoat Premier 60ml, application cloth and application block.

Directions For Use
Accordion Body 1

Customer Reviews

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Michael Trpcevski
Easy DIY coating

I used this for the first time on my wrx and my wifes kluger it was just as easy to use as say IGL Premier for example.

I did all the prep required and the Kit came with everything i needed, This product is truly amazing at a fraction of the cost of most professional coatings.

It is my new GOTO in my arsenal of IGL products and ANYONE can use this as its so easy for a first timer.