IGL Ecocoat Quartz + (nano coating) - 4 Year Warranty

Certified Detailer Only Product - 4 Years Warranty

Paintwork Safe: ✔
PPF & Vinyl Safe: 
Surface: All paintwork surfaces

Ecocoat Quartz+ is our hybrid 9H rated dual system ceramic coating that combines two ceramic coatings with different attributes to provide the ultimate layer of protection and an excellent finish for almost all types of paint surfaces. Reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets, the new and improved Ecocoat Quartz+ has enhanced durability of up to 4 years, upgraded hydrophobicity, increased water spot & chemical resistance, improved slip for efficient cleaning, and superb clarity & gloss. It is also fully compliant with Import Regulations.
*approved by TSCA(USA), AICS(Australia), ECHA (EU), KECL (South Korea).

To have your vehicle detailed and protected in this amazing product simply view our approved applicator listing here!


This premium product is an approved IGL Master Applicator product only and so if you are interested in having your very own car protected with this product, click here to get in contact with your nearest IGL Master Applicator. 

If you are a professional detailer looking to offer IGL Quartz+ to your customers please contact us for certification requirements!