Snow Foam Concentrate

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Snow Foam Detergent is a highly concentrated detergent which allows you to dilute a minimal amount of detergent to water. This means each wash now is cost-efficient with approximately 100ml of detergent mixed with warm water can fill the 1L Snow Foam Lance bottle providing enough Snow Foam to cover 2-3 cars depending on their size.

The Snow Foam Detergent together with the Snow Foam Lance or Gun will ensure you have a safe, fast and fun car wash through breaking down dirt, grease and grime and dripping these nasties to the ground.

  • pH neutral detergent - won't strip quality waxes or protection 
  • Highly concentrated solution needs only 100mL detergent diluted with warm water
  • 500mL should see between 10-15 layers of foam on a standard car
  • Thick foam with Snow Foam Lance
  • Australian Made Solution