How to wash your car or bike properly!

Wash your car or bike like a pro detailer!

The biggest determining factor in how long your paint protection performs and lasts or the condition of your paintwork is your washing method and process!

In this guide we will share with you the IGL Coatings 3 bucket wash method to make this task easy, enjoyable and quick for a beautiful finish every time all the time!

Equipment Required:


  1. Always wash in a shaded clean area away from direct sunlight
  2. Place Wash guards in "wash" and "rinse" buckets
  3. Fill all buckets with water
  4. Add 30ml of IGL Wash into "Wash" and "Wheel" buckets
  5. Place "Wash Mitt" in "Wash" bucket and "Wheel wash glove" in "wheel" bucket
  6. Rinse down whole vehicle with water (using hose or pressure washer)
  7. Using straight line movements and for 1 body panel at a time beginning with the roof wash vehicle using the "Wash mitt".
  8. After a panel is washed gently with the mitt place "wash mitt" inside the "rinse" bucket and clean the mitt out inside the rinse bucket.
  9. Place the "wash mitt" back in the "wash" bucket containing the soapy water and repeat the process in step 6 and 7 for all body panels and glass of the vehicle working from cleanest areas to dirtiest regularly rinsing out the wash mitt in the rinse bucket. Order of wash is generally the roof of vehicle, windows, bonnet and boot, fenders, doors, rear quarters, front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts last.
  10. Rinse entire vehicle removing all soap
  11. Spray IGL Iron thoroughly onto wheels and wait 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly
  12. Using the "wheel" bucket and using the brushes and mitt clean wheel thoroughly
  13. Rinse wheels
  14. Spray IGL AIO over entire wet vehicle 1-2 spays per panel including glass.
  15. Using drying towel dry all paint and glass surfaces thoroughly
  16. Use a spare dry microfibre cloth to dry door jambs and wheels