Online Training Academy

IGL Coatings Online Detailing and Ceramic Coating Training

IGL Coatings Online Detailing and Coatings Training Course

At IGL Coatings we believe that knowledge and education is key and as such we have created a comprehensive, affordable and easy to follow professional online training course covering all aspects of our nano coatings as well as an in depth online detailing training course.

IGL Coatings Online Training Academy

The IGL Coatings Online Training Academy is the most comprehensive course available to learn about IGL's range of nano coatings. This course dives into every coating we currently offer in all aspects Automotive, Industrial, Domestic (house hold) and marine including what the products are, how to apply these amazing coatings and most importantly how to incorporate them into your business to benefit both the customer and your business whilst increasing profitability.


Leading Edge Detailing Online Detailing Training

Created on the foundations of the incredibly popular and successful Leading Edge Detailing training model, this course dives into aspects covering how to set up your detailing business, mobile vs workshop detailing, tools and products required for a professional detailing business and of course all aspects of interior detailing, exterior detailing and paint correction!


These courses are contract free with affordable monthly subscription plans allowing flexible payment options such as PayPal and Afterpay with regular new content uploaded so be sure to check them out on the link below!


IGL Coatings Online Training Courses

Our training courses currently cover the below subjects:

How to apply ceramic paint protection
How to apply home coatings
How to apply industrial coatings
How to spray industrial ceramic coatings
How to apply wheel coating
How to apply window coating
How to apply leather coating
How to apply fabric coating
How to DIY apply IGL Ez ceramic paint protection
How to incorporate paint protection in your detailing business
How to offer home coatings in your business
The benefits of ceramic coatings and industrial coatings
How to deal with difficult customers
How to sell IGL Vs the competition
Which coatings should be used for various vehicle and surface types
How to coat kitchen bench tops
How to coat bathrooms
How to coat shower screens and glass pool fencing
How to upsell ceramic paint protection to your customers
How to manage high spots in ceramic paint protection
How to set up car detailing business from scratch
Tools and products for new car detailing businesses
Mobile vs Workshop detailing
How to improve your SEO for detailing business
How to market your detailing business
Interior detailing and protection
How to remove mold from vehicle
Exterior Detailing
Paint correction