Coatings specially developed for automotive manufacturers, professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts.

It's 100% silica content and eco friendly formula preserves and protects your automotive's exterior and interior while reducing the cost of maintainence.

It is best suited for automotive and is applicable to cars, bikes, bicycles & more.

Coatings for industrial and commercial application.

IGL Industrial is specially formulated nanotechnology industrial coating with a high solid silica content.

The coated surface both protects and reduces maintenance and repair costs. It is best suited for industrial, military, commercial equipments and vehices and is applicable to all types of machinery.

The IGL Residential range of products are specifically designed and formulated to provide complete protection for your home.

It ensures efficient, economical cleaning and maintenence, saving you time while retaining its non-toxic, biodegradable and safe solvent benefits.

Coatings distinctively developed for marine application.

IGL Marine has a formulation which creates a layer of pure crystal-like coating to protect whilst maintaning a stunning glossy finish.

It protects against salt water, marine fouling, industrial polution, temperature changes, scum, chemicals and much more while being marine life friendly.