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Marine protective nano coating systems

Protective Nano Coating Systems

Introducing our IGL Ceramic Coating range, the perfect solution for marine applications looking for exceptional protection against harsh environmental factors. Our ceramic coating products are specially formulated to provide long-lasting protection, superior water repellency, and a high-gloss finish that will keep your boat and marine assets looking new for years to come.


The IGL Ceramic Coating range provides a durable, long-lasting layer of protection for your boat and surface's exterior, shielding them against UV rays, saltwater, and other harsh environmental factors that can cause fading, oxidation, and damage over time.


Our ceramic coating is easy to apply and cures quickly, allowing you to get back on the water faster. Once cured, it forms a tough, hydrophobic barrier that repels water, preventing water spots and algae growth from taking hold. It also makes cleaning your marine applications a breeze, with dirt and grime sliding off the coated surface effortlessly.


At IGL, we're committed to sustainability, so our ceramic coating products are eco-friendly and safe for both the applicator and the environment. Our ceramic coatings are also REACH compliant, ensuring they meet the highest standards for safety and environmental responsibility.


All IGL products are sustainable, safe to use for both applicator and customer (REACH Compliant) and as environmentally friendly as possible without compromise to performance and durability.


Salt Water

Fish Gunk



Acid Rain

Bird Droppings



Micro Marring

Mineral Deposits


Temperature Cycles

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IGL Marine

REACH regulation compliant

Marine Protection

IGL Marine Ceramic Paint Protection

IGL Marine Surface Protective Coating

IGL Coatings has developed an exceptional marine ceramic coating that not only complies with REACH regulations but also provides unparalleled protection for marine applications.

Our state-of-the-art nanotechnology ensures that the ceramic coating adheres firmly and forms crosslinks with various marine paints, including gelcoat, polyurethane, and acrylic paint.

With its outstanding resistance to UV rays and salt, our marine ceramic coating stands out as one of the finest options available, ideal for boats, yachts, and other aquatic structures. For optimum results, we recommend applying this coating above the water line. Place your trust in the industry's leading marine ceramic coating.

IGL Marine is the perfect solution for protecting all types of marine craft, from the largest super yachts to the most nimble jet skis. Whether you own a luxurious vessel or enjoy the thrill of riding a compact personal watercraft, our marine ceramic coating offers unrivaled protection against the harsh marine environment. With IGL Marine, you can ensure that your investment is shielded from the elements while maintaining a sleek and polished appearance, regardless of the size or type of your watercraft. Trust in IGL Marine to safeguard and preserve your marine craft, no matter how big or small.

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Surface Coating

IGL Eclipse

Ecocoat Eclipse is a cutting-edge coating that complies with REACH regulations and is specifically formulated to meet the stringent requirements of marine craft surfaces. It excels in highly demanding industrial applications involving hazardous chemicals, oil and gas, and cement, where exceptional resistance to chemicals is of utmost importance.

With its outstanding releasing properties and chemical agent resistance, ecocoat Eclipse provides a highly effective solution for protecting marine craft surfaces from fouling and corrosion. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and cleaning, ensuring that your marine craft remains in optimal condition.

When applied to marine surfaces, ecocoat Eclipse forms a robust barrier that shields against the detrimental effects of chemicals, ensuring long-lasting protection and durability. Whether you're dealing with corrosive substances in the marine environment or encountering harsh industrial chemicals, ecocoat Eclipse offers reliable defense against chemical damage.

Choose ecocoat Eclipse for your marine craft surfaces and experience the benefits of its exceptional chemical resistance. With this advanced coating, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vessel is well-protected, allowing you to focus on your adventures on the water while minimizing maintenance and maximizing the lifespan of your marine craft.

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Protects surfaces from fouling and corrosion

IGL Window

Combats water spotting and mineral deposits

Glass Indoor/Outdoor

IGL Window

IGL Window

Introducing IGL Window Coating: The Ultimate Solution for Marine Glass

Why is IGL Window Coating the ideal choice for marine glass? It is specifically formulated to combat the challenges of water spotting and mineral deposits that commonly plague marine environments. With this advanced coating, you can bid farewell to constant cleaning and enjoy crystal-clear visibility effortlessly.

IGL Window Coating forms a durable barrier that repels water and prevents unsightly waterspots from forming on your marine glass. It also offers exceptional resistance against chemical attacks and staining, ensuring your windows remain pristine and free from the damaging effects of the marine environment.

By investing in IGL Window Coating, you're investing in long-lasting protection for your marine glass. You'll experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your windows are shielded from the elements and are easier to clean and maintain. Once you've experienced the benefits of IGL Window Coating, you won't want to be without it. It's an absolute must-have for anyone looking to preserve the clarity and appearance of their marine glass.

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Fabric Protection

IGL Fabric

Ecocoat Fabric is a REACH compliant, 100% breathable, water-based, zero VOC silica coating that utilizes cutting-edge nanotechnology. With its wide range of applications, this invisible coating creates a protective barrier on each individual fiber of textiles, making it perfect for marine environments where fabrics and textiles are tested daily!

One of the standout benefits of Ecocoat Fabric is its ability to repel undesirable liquids, dirt, stains, and even harmful UV radiation. Whether you're looking to protect the upholstery on your marine craft, safeguard fabric covers, or preserve the appearance of textiles in other marine applications, Ecocoat Fabric is the ideal solution.

This remarkable coating creates an invisible layer that covers each fiber, offering long-lasting protection without altering the flexibility, appearance, or breathability of the coated surface. With Ecocoat Fabric, you can ensure that your marine textiles remain clean, pristine, and resistant to the harsh marine environment. Best of all IGL Fabric is low in VOC and is free from bad odors and solvents, simply spray and walk away!

Designed with a focus on marine craft and textiles, Ecocoat Fabric is the ultimate choice for those seeking reliable and durable fabric protection. Don't let spills, stains, or UV damage compromise the integrity of your marine fabrics. Choose Ecocoat Fabric today and unlock a world of invisible, long-lasting protection for your cherished marine craft.

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IGL Fabric

Made for marine craft and textiles


Suitable for leather and vinyl surfaces

Leather Protection


IGL Leather

Protect Your Marine Craft with Ecocoat Leather: The Ultimate Solution for Leather and Vinyl Protection

When it comes to preserving the beauty and durability of leather and vinyl surfaces on your marine craft, look no further than Ecocoat Leather. Our REACH compliant, 100% breathable, low VOC, non-etching silica coating is specifically designed to provide top-notch protection. With advanced nanotechnology, Ecocoat Leather creates an invisible layer that repels liquids, dirt, dye, and harmful UV radiation. This remarkable coating is versatile and suitable for use on both treated leather and vinyl surfaces, ensuring comprehensive protection for your marine craft.

Experience the benefits of Ecocoat Leather as it safeguards your leather and vinyl surfaces from unwanted liquids, dirt, and stains. Rest assured, our coating won't compromise the flexibility, appearance, or texture of your surfaces, ensuring they retain their original beauty. Discover the ultimate solution for leather and vinyl protection with Ecocoat Leather. Preserve the longevity and aesthetics of your marine craft's surfaces while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with reliable and durable protection. Elevate your leather and vinyl care routine today by choosing Ecocoat Leather for your marine craft. Experience the remarkable difference it can make!

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