Whilst there is a great deal to know about car detailing and car care products below is a list of our most commonly asked questions and answers!


Q. Why does ISO quality certification matter?

A. For a company to be ISO quality certified such as IGL Coatings it means that all processes from the first step of manufacturing a product to the performance claims that are made be tested, validated and proven using international quality standards! Further to this it also means that every single process is traceable and every batch tested meaning that you are always guaranteed products that perform at their best!


Q. Why do only certified installers have access to most of the coatings?

A. IGL nano coatings are designed to work effectively when used in the right way. In order to ensure we maintain the customer satisfaction that we currently have world wide only trained professionals may use these particular products following through interviewing and training.


Q. Can I purchase product in person as opposed to the website?

A. Yes of course, our retail lines are available from any IGL Certified Installer in your state or town, simply contact them and ask them if they have your desired product in stock!


Q. I would like to have an IGL Installer provide me with a quote or service, how do I organise this?

A. Please visit our Certified Applicator page to find your closest IGL approved detailer.


Q. I would like to become a certified IGL Applicator, how can I attain certification?

A. Please email us at sales@iglcoatings.com.au with details relating to your business such as experience with ceramic coatings and paint correction as well as links to your website/facebook/instagram where we will review your suitability and provide you with further instructions.


Q: Who are IGL Coatings, and how do they work?

A: IGL Coatings is a leading brand in ceramic coating technology. Their products utilize advanced formulations to create a durable and transparent layer that bonds with the treated surfaces, providing exceptional protection and other key benefits.


Q: What are the benefits of applying IGL Coatings?

A: IGL Coatings offer numerous benefits, including unparalleled gloss and shine, anti corrosion superior durability and scratch resistance, outstanding UV and oxidation protection, hydrophobic properties that repel water and dirt, easy cleaning, and long-term cost savings by reducing the need for repair or replacement.


Q: How long do IGL Coatings last?

A: The longevity of IGL Coatings can vary depending on the specific product and maintenance routine. Generally, IGL Coatings provide long-lasting protection, with options like IGL Coatings Kenzo offering up to 5 years of durability when properly maintained or IGL Aegis offering up to 15 years anti corrosion protection.


Q: Can I apply IGL Coatings myself, or do I need a professional?

A: While it is possible to apply some of our DIY coatings yourself, it is recommended to have it done by a professional applicator for optimal results. Professional application ensures proper surface preparation, uniform coating coverage, and expertise in handling the specific IGL Coatings products.


Q: How do I maintain a vehicle with IGL Coatings?

A: Regular maintenance is crucial to maximize the longevity and performance of IGL Coatings. This includes routine washing using IGL Wash or Blizzard, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods, and periodic maintenance detailing with IGL Coatings products like IGL AIO, Enhancer or Premier to enhance and rejuvenate the coating's hydrophobic properties.


Q: Can IGL Coatings be applied to any type of vehicle or surface?

A: IGL Coatings are specially formulated to be versatile and can be applied to various surfaces, including automotive paint, wheels, plastic trim, glass, and metal surfaces.


Q: Will IGL Coatings make my car completely scratch-proof?

A: While IGL Coatings offer a high level of scratch resistance, they cannot make your vehicle completely scratch-proof.


Q: How do IGL Coatings compare to traditional wax or sealants?

A: IGL Coatings surpass traditional wax or sealants in terms of performance and longevity. They provide longer-lasting protection, superior gloss and shine, increased scratch resistance, enhanced hydrophobic properties, and reduced maintenance requirements compared to traditional wax or sealants.


Q: Are product performance claimes validated and if so how?

A: Yes, all claims made by IGL Coatings are validated by both in house and independent testing to ISO Quality requirements using ASTM approved methods and equipment.


Q: Does IGL Coatings provide training to applicators and professional detailers?

A: Yes, you can join our comprehensive online training academy by clicking here. You can learn about everything from how to set up a detailing business from scratch right through to the correct products and tools required and how to apply ceramic paint protection!