Whilst there is a great deal to know about car detailing and car care products below is a list of our most commonly asked questions and answers!


Q. Why does ISO quality certification matter?

A. For a company to be ISO quality certified such as IGL Coatings it means that all processes from the first step of manufacturing a product to the performance claims that are made be tested, validated and proven using international quality standards! Further to this it also means that every single process is traceable and every batch tested meaning that you are always guaranteed products that perform at their best!


Q. Why do only certified detailers have access to most of the coatings?

A. IGL nano coatings are designed to work effectively when used in the right way. In order to ensure we maintain the customer satisfaction that we currently have world wide only trained professionals may use these particular products following through interviewing and training.


Q. Can I purchase product in person as opposed to the website?

A. Yes of course, please visit our detailing supplies store at 755 Darling St Rozelle Sydney.


Q. I would like to have my car detailed and ceramic coated, how do I organise this?

A. Please visit our Certified Detailers page to find your closest IGL approved detailer.


Q. There are no IGL Approved detailers close to my location but I would like to have IGL products used on my car, what should I do?

A. Please contact us and we can organise for a solution for you. Alternatively you may contact your local high quality detailer and let them know you wish to have IGL used on your vehicle where they can contact us to begin the process of attaining certification.


Q. I would like to become a certified IGL detailer, how can I attain certification?

A. Please email us at sales@iglcoatings.com.au with details relating to your business such as experience with ceramic coatings and paint correction as well as links to your website/facebook/instagram where we will review your suitability and provide you with further instructions.