IGL Warranty Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to have your vehicle protected with IGL Ceramic Paint Protection, our premium nano coatings that are iso quality certified and manufactured to perform and last to high standards.

This document will outline the IGL Warranty terms and conditions, vehicle maintenance requirements and all other matters relating to the optional warranties offered for our brand of ceramic paint coatings.

Unlike many coatings manufactures in the market, at IGL we wish to provide meaningful warranties to our customers that provide them with confidence to select our products as the only choice for their vehicle protection.

To provide this meaningful warranty, it is important to understand that our coatings are designed to be removable, replaceable, repairable, and serviceable and as such the method of adhesion to your vehicle is non etching or intrusive meaning that IGL will never damage your vehicle. This also means that it is important to also maintain your coating in the correct way to ensure long lasting performance.

Just as any high-performance vehicle requires maintenance and servicing by trained technicians that use the right products and tools, your IGL ceramic paint protection will perform and last at its best when cared for an approved IGL detailer who has been trained to correctly service and maintain your vehicles finish and coating.

The warranty outlined in this document is provided to the consumer by two distinct parties, the provider of the product being IGL Coatings Australia Pty Ltd and the IGL Coatings Approved Detailer who has applied the product onto your vehicle. It is then the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to ensure the correct maintenance schedule is followed as outlined in this document.

From our experience, ceramic coatings deteriorate for two main reasons being 1) lack of maintenance leading to build up of contamination and 2) The use of improper products or techniques.

To ensure that your vehicles coating performs at its best, the IGL Paint Care Guide must be followed in conjunction with this warranty document.

Maintenance Schedule
Task Frequency Products to be used Task to be
carried out by
Regular wash Every 2 weeks or as needed if vehicle is dirty prior to the 2 week
  • IGL Ecoclean Wash
  • IGLEcoshine Enhancer
Vehicle owner, professional detailer or an approved IGL detailer
Bi Yearly decontamination + booster Every 6 months
  • IGL Iron fallout removal
  • IGL Delete Mineral
  • deposit remover
  • IGL Premier sealant
  • IGL Clay towel treatment (if required)
IGL approved detailer

Should the consumer wish to carry out the regular wash at home then the consumer is to visit www.iglcoatings.com.au and purchase the required products and follow the recommended washing method being two bucket method with the correct drying procedure as outlined in the IGL Paint Care Guide. The IGL account where the purchases are made should reflect the owners name which his on the coatings invoice as all purchases made through the IGL website are logged and will be reviewed in the event of a warranty claim. Should the owner enlist the assistance of a paid detailer to carry out this task then tax receipts should be retained as proof that schedule has been carried out.

The bi yearly decontamination and booster treatment is to be carried out by an Authorised IGL Detailer. Should the IGL Detailer have concerns relating to the manner the vehicle has been maintained in the regular washes they must be raised to the vehicle owner and vice versa. If the vehicle appears to have not been maintained adequately warranty can be voided.

Product Warranty Period
IGL Quartz 2 years
IGL Quartz 3 years
IGL Kenzo 5 years
IGL Window 12 months
IGL Wheel 2 years
IGL Shield 3 years on PPF only

What is covered in this warranty:

The IGL coatings noted in this document are designed for consumer vehicles that are used for their intended purpose in normal life. Commercial, industrial and off-road vehicles are not covered by this warranty.

The schedule below outlines items covered by this warranty and those which are excluded. All warranted items must be communicated to the IGL Certified Detailer who applied the coating to the impacted vehicle within 7 days of being identified by the customer and/or IGL Coatings Australia. Any items deemed to damage the coating because of negligence by the owner of the vehicle will void this warranty.

The limit of repair for the purpose of this warranty for items deemed as warranted items will be to the extent of paint correction (machine polishing) and reapplication of coating to the impacted area.

Any defect that is not explicitly listed in this document is excluded form this warranty. Vehicles involved in accident repair will void their warranty unless otherwise vehicle was re-coated post accident in IGL by an IGL approved detailer. Paint thickness readings will be taken to validate any warranty claim.

Items deemed as neglect are below:

  • Paint contamination – an indication that the vehicle is not washed regularly and/or is parked in a space that is susceptible to damage from 3rd parties which are responsible for the damage such as near construction sites, machining/body shops, paint shops etc..
  • Excessive bird/pat dropping stains – As noted in the paint care guide vehicles should be parked away from potential areas that may attract such damage and any bird/bat droppings should be cleaned by the owner immediately.
  • Excessive tree sap – As per above
  • Spotting and deposits that are deemed as not following the IGL Paint Care Guide
  • Scratches, stone chips and any physical damage to the paint
  • Accident damage and repairs (our coatings are covered by your insurance company, in the event of an accident please request that they are reapplied as part of the repair)

The below schedule is to be taken into account in conjunction with the IGL Paint Care Guide that has been provided when vehicle was coated.

Defect Coverage Rectification process
Noticeable loss of gloss and paint oxidation Covered for vehicles with clear coat only Paint correction and reapplication of coating
Mineral deposit Not covered if deemed to be customer neglect or improper washing. IGL delete and IGL premier application - covered in bi yearly booster
Bird/Bat dropping stain and tree sap Covered when deemed to not be owner neglect Paint correction and reapplication of coating to impacted area
Chemical etching and chemical stains/damage Not covered The IGL Detailer will attempt to the best of their ability to remove this defect during the 6 monthly decontamination and top up but are not liable to repair.
Paint contamination, rail rust and iron deposits Not covered Whilst not covered this should be greatly improved or rectified during the bi yearly paint decontamination and top up
Physical paint damage such as chips or scratches Not covered
Loss of hydrophobic properties Covered unless loss of hydrophobic properties is because of an item excluded in this schedule or customer neglect To be managed on a case by case basis

It is at the discretion of the IGL Certified Detailer and IGL Coatings Australia Pty Ltd to review each claim on a case by case basis and assess if the warranty claim is valid or is as a result of improper care and neglect. IGL Coatings Australia reserves the right to reject any claim made which does not fall within the guidelines of this document


Please email your tax invoice/receipt clearly showing the below to sales@iglcoatings.com.au within 7 days of having your vehicle coated, the IGL Detailer who applied the coating may submit this on your behalf.

Should your vehicle be sold/transferred the new owner of the vehicle is to email sales@iglcoatings.com.au to update ownership details and continue the maintenance schedule.

  • Vehicle model, build year and colour
  • Vehicle registration plate or vin number
  • Detailing tasks carried out to vehicle clearly highlighting IGL Kenzo as the ceramic coating
  • Serial numbers of all products used on vehicle.