IGL Coatings manufactures a range of premium ISO Quality Certified products that provide a complete protection solution for any automotive applications inside and out ensuring that your valued assets maintain their value as well as provide you with years of pleasant ownership in the way of ease of maintenance and washing!

From coating Indy 500 cars for a competitive advantage on the race track to coating the humble family car, IGL Coatings have a product for every application and surface from our DIY easy to use high-performance professional-grade products such as IGL Poly to our premium Master Applicator only coating IGL Kenzo.

The Best Ceramic Coating System for All Climates and Applications

In this section, you will find interior and exterior coatings that are both retail ready as well as for certified detailers only. All coatings are manufactured in house by IGL Coatings to meet and exceed ISO Quality requirements as well as REACH approval meaning that our products are not only tested and proven to work to the highest of standards but are also safe for the user and the environment.

All IGL Coatings products are user-friendly, easy to use, in stock and come with all the support required to utilise them to their potential!


Acid rain

Bird droppings

Brake dust


Industrial fallout

Insect acid

Micro marring

Mineral deposits

Road grit, salt, traffic film & tar


Sunshine & UV

Tree sap