IGL Ecoclean Delete Waterspot Remover

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Widely regarded as the best waterspot remove in the market, Ecoclean Delete is a specially formulated cleaner that softens the hard minerals contained in water from acid rain or general tap water use.

These minerals can be removed without the use of other abrasive products. A waterspot remover product that works efficiently as intended.

Features & Benefits - Removes water-spots with minimal rubbing required Areas of Application Use on your cars paint only (DO NOT USE ON WINDOWS!). Click HERE for our dedicated window water-spot remover

- Stubborn water-spots - use as is
- Shake bottle well & drip some onto a microfiber towel
- Lightly buff the towel on the required areas
- Rinse the area well with water o wash off delete
- Test first in an inconspicuous area to ensure colour fastness


Please note that this is a mineral deposit remover, if your vehicle has spots created by chemical etching (not a deposit) than you will require paint correction to level the clear coat. We recommend using IGL F1 and an IGL Microfiber cutting pad for this process.

Customer Reviews

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Ray Dawood
Magic stuff

This stuff works like magic. Had a car come in that was heavily contaminated by minerals from a basement leak. Restored it back to brand new in no time. Amazing product.

Adrian Shaw .Onyx Ceramic Coating.

Best water spot remover so far. Heavily contaminated glass, on beach driven 4x4, now has crystal clear glass.