IGL Ecoclean Wash Concentrate

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Ecoclean Wash is a waterbased highly concentrated, zero VOC, shampoo that cleanse, conditions and protects your vehicle.

Our unique blend of surfactant and waxes provides lubrication for dirt removal and maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle for a longer period.

Features & Benefits
- Contains surfactants that lower the surface tension between your wash medium and the vehicle.

This product is unique for its low sudding high slickness that effectively removes dirt safely from all surfaces.

- Safe for all coated vehicles

- Safe on paint, vinyl and PPF

- Matte paint safe

Customer Reviews

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Platinum Shine Sydney
IGL Wash

We haven’t stepped away from eco cost wash we begun to use the product.

We will continue to invest into the 5L drums they come in. Great great product.

Chun-Han Wu
IGL Ecoclean Wash Concentrate

Very smooth to use and smell very good. Love it.

Dean Bradshaw
First time used

I used IGL products for the first time to prep and coat my car and I was extremely pleased with how easy the products were to use and secondly how awesome the final results were.
I can will be ordering again to do my other car very soon!

Fantastic Wash Solution!

There are plenty of wash products on the market. How does this one differ from the rest? It just works well! No hidden marketing hype, one of the best wash concentrates I've used to date. And when they say concentrate, they surely mean it. Can't beat it for price and the way it continues to suds up and lubricate the surface being washed. Give it a go you will wonder why you haven't before.

Grant B

I had my car (Lexus) ceramic coated 12 months ago. The car always looks great and using the wash concentrate is SO easy. Wash on rinse off, big mat dry rug. Done. Every few washes, I apply Enhancer - quick detailer and the car always sparkles. GREAT products. Thanks. Grant B