IGL Ecoshine Enhancer Instant Detailer Paint Spray Sealant

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Premium instant detailer paint sealant

Paintwork Safe: ✔
PPF & Vinyl Safe: ✔
Surface: All surface

Ecoshine Enhancer, is a water-based, zero VOC nanotechnology hybrid quick instant detail formulation with superb durable hydrophobic and gloss enhancing effect that is safe to be applied to all parts of your vehicle. It creates a protected surface that is slick and glossy. Ecoshine Enhancer can be used when the vehicle is dry or when it is still wet after a wash. When used after a wash, it aids drying.

We recommend this product be used during your regular wash for every vehicle to keep it protected as well as act as a sacrificial coating to prolong the life of your ceramic coating of any brand!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard John Martin

This product was recommended to me and I have found it to be extremely good. My car looks like it has just been polished all the time. In addition rain is repelled and of course does not remain on the car when parked.

Aimee Grimson
Excellent product - Ecoshine Enhancer

An excellent product - easy to use and apply to the car. This product allows the car to look shiny and new. After a few applications my car became easier to wash and clean. Will purchase again.

Easy maintenance

Enhancer is a great maintenance product, either used as a drying aid or as a stand alone, very easy to apply and gives easy lasting performance

Thomas Pappin
IGL Enhancer - Speechless

I recently tried IGL Enhancer on my car after I washed it and of course, the day after, it rained and when it did, I saw the water was perfectly beading off the car! But the best part was yet to come. About 2 weeks later I washed the car again and the car had never been so easy to wash before. The enhancer was still working even after all that rain and dirt that was all over the car, but nothing was sticking to the car. It took way less time to wash the car the second time round and made the whole experience really enjoyable. Dont know how I ever went without it.

Trent Costigan
Best of the Best

This has so many benefits I can’t list them all

Amazing for small tasks and topping up ceramic coating