IGL Ecocoat Wheel (nano coating)

Ecocoat Wheel is a our premium wheel coating formulation created with more than 90% of proprietary modified silica. It forms an interlocking molecular glass like finish with amazing protection. Ecocoat Wheel upon full curing is rated at 9H based on the pencil hardness scale.

It creates a new resistance against high temperature brake dust, marring, chemical attack and staining on the treated surface. Perfect for all wheels steel, alloy, painted gloss and matte finish!

A must have for any wheel for show, street or track for both cars, trucks and motorbikes!


Customer Reviews

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Platinum Shine Sydney
IGL Ecocoat Wheel

We have applied the IGL Ecocoat Wheel nano coating numerous times and hace recieved high quality resulsts.

Scruba’s Detailing
Hands down best wheel coating i've used!

Super easy to apply and buff off. The repelling of water and other fluids is insane! Cleaning is so easy with this coating applied also. Highly recommend!

Christian Hailazidis
Use friendly, makes for fun DIY time

This product works well on my motorcycle wheels, extremely durable, easy to apply (follow the instructions). Would highly recommend this to anyone who'd like to coat their wheels in their free time (not too labour intensive).

Tim Martin
What a dream to apply and the results are next level

Easily the most user friendly experience I’ve had with a wheel coating and I’m blown away by the results. The increase in gloss and depth and ease of cleaning and maintenance is unreal!

Super gloss!!

easy to apply and super gloss finish!