IGL Ecoshine F1 High Cutting Compound

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low dusting heavy cut compound to remove deep swirls and scratches

Ecoshine Compound F1 is a nanotechnology-based, high abrasive polishing compound, ideal for correcting failing, dull, marred, and P1500-P3000 sand scratches on various paint surfaces. With its innovative abrasion technology, it delivers a deep gloss finish, devoid of halos and holograms, making it a top choice for vehicle delivery. This all-in-one product is highly efficient and works effectively on both oxidized and new paints. Compared to other heavy cutting compounds, Ecoshine Compound F1 stands out as the cleanest option, offering superior finish, clarity, and residue removal. For enhanced cutting power, using a microfiber or wool pad in conjunction with Ecoshine Compound F1 is recommended.

Customer Reviews

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Better than most on the market

Since making the switch from my regular cutting compound to F1 my results have really levelled up!
A great product all round. Non chalky, perfect viscosity, removes scratches up to 3000 grit with little to no swirl marks.
Buy a bottle and see for yourself!

Adrian Shaw .Onyx Ceramic Coating.

Great product, excellent break down and low dusting. Very little hazing left afterwards, and great end result.

Tim Martin
Fantastic Product and my go to heavy cut!

An absolute must have in your tool best. Works brilliantly on DA or Rotary. Can highly recommend and bonus is it’s far more economical and than anything comparable on the market.