IGL Ecocoat Premier Nano Protective Spray Sealant

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Ecocoat Premier is a water based, zero VOC super hydrophobic coating that is non-yellowing, high gloss, dirt repelling that cross-links with all surfaces of your vehicle!

With durability of up to 6 months and usable on all surfaces including glass and paint protection film (PPF) it provides long lasting protection with incredible hydrophobic properties.

IGL Premier is the perfect product to use as both a stand alone sealant or a top up to your IGL ceramic coating to act as a sacrificial layer considerably increasing the durability, life and performance of your paint protection.

Further to the above, a little goes a long way! Only 1 to 2 light sprays per panel is required meaning that the 500ml bottle will last many applications!



Customer Reviews

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Outstanding product that works as directed!

IGL Premier is an absolutely outstanding product! I’ve used plenty of topper sprays and this one simply works as directed and is easy to use also which is definitely a bonus.

Yann Herchenroder

I was told to buy it and put it on but not sure what it’s supposed to do

Hi Yann

The usage instructions are on the bottle and also numerous videos on YouTube on how to use it. It is not fair nor accurate to give a 3 star review because you have not taken any initiative to look into how the product is used.


Tim Martin
Easily the best topper/spray sealant I’ve used!

From the ease of application, great aroma, to the end result of amazing gloss and hydrophobic. I couldn’t be more happy and impressed with this product!!

Best product ever

IGL premier is amazing


IGL Ecocoat Premier Nano Protective Sealant