Revolutionizing Corrosion Protection: IGL Aegis Outperforms Competition in a Case Study with Favelle Favco

IGL Aegis anti corrosion coating on Favelle Favco crane

Introduction: In the world of industrial applications, corrosion protection is crucial for equipment longevity and cost savings. Enter IGL Aegis, a revolutionary anti-corrosion clear coating with unmatched durability. In a groundbreaking case study conducted by an independent third-party lab, Favelle Favco, the leading manufacturer of diesel cranes, tested IGL Aegis against the competition, Rocol Z30, using the ASTM B117-19 test method. The results were nothing short of astounding.

IGL Aegis anti corrosion coating

Case Study Overview: Favelle Favco, renowned for supplying cranes to diverse industries including offshore and construction, sought to evaluate the effectiveness of IGL Aegis for safeguarding their equipment. Recognizing the importance of unbiased testing, they turned to an independent third-party lab that conducted a head-to-head test between IGL Aegis and Rocol Z30, a competing product claiming a lifespan of up to 2 years.

Rocol Z30 began to show corrosion after 72 salt spray hours

The Test Results: Using the ASTM B117-19 test method, which simulates a corrosive salt spray environment, the independent third-party lab subjected both coatings to rigorous evaluation. The results were conclusive: IGL Aegis outperformed Rocol Z30 by an incredible factor of 55 times. While Rocol Z30 endured for the advertised 2 years, IGL Aegis exhibited extraordinary durability that would have surpassed an astounding 110 years under the same conditions.

Testing was concluded at 502 hours where IGL Aegis has proven to last for 6000 hours

Unmatched Durability and Certification: The exceptional performance of IGL Aegis in the case study is a testament to its unmatched durability and adherence to industry standards. Rated for an impressive 6000 salt spray hours, equivalent to 15 years of durability in C5 corrosion environments, IGL Aegis proved to be the ultimate corrosion protection solution.

IGL Aegis vs Competition anti corrosion coating

Additionally, IGL Aegis holds ISO Quality certification, further validating its adherence to stringent industry standards. This certification ensures that IGL Aegis delivers consistent and reliable corrosion protection, meeting the highest quality benchmarks.

IGL Coatings ASTM results

Redefining Corrosion Protection: IGL Aegis goes beyond durability and certifications. As the only anti-corrosion coating that is transparent, free from heavy metals, and does not require a primer, it offers a cutting-edge solution for corrosion protection in industrial applications. This unique formulation not only provides long-lasting corrosion resistance but also preserves the aesthetics of the equipment.

IGL Coatings ASTM results

A Transformative Solution: The independent case study with Favelle Favco reinforces IGL Aegis as a game-changer in corrosion protection. By choosing IGL Aegis, industries can ensure extended equipment lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced reliability. The results speak for themselves, with IGL Aegis surpassing the competition and demonstrating its effectiveness in real-world conditions.

Conclusion: The independent case study conducted for Favelle Favco, using the ASTM B117-19 test method, highlights the exceptional corrosion protection capabilities of IGL Aegis. With its unmatched durability, ISO Quality certification, and adherence to industry standards, IGL Aegis provides a transformative solution for preserving equipment integrity and reducing maintenance costs. Experience the power of IGL Aegis and join the revolution of corrosion-free solutions in industrial applications. Protect your equipment, maximize cost savings, and ensure long-term reliability with IGL Aegis, the ultimate corrosion protection solution.


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