The Power of Protective Nano Coating Systems: Saving Time and Money in Home Cleaning and Maintenance

Home Ceramic Nano coatings - Keep your home newer for longer

Introduction: Building or renovating a home is a substantial investment, with average costs reaching a staggering amount. Protecting your newly built or renovated home not only slows down the ageing process but also makes cleaning and maintenance considerably easier. Enter the revolutionary Protective Nano Coating Systems from IGL Coatings. Designed to prolong surface life while safeguarding against external factors, these coatings offer the added advantage of saving you time and money in cleaning and upkeep. With ISO 9001 accreditation and REACH compliance, IGL Coatings ensures both performance and safety for you and your family.

Beatroot staining resistane IGL Eclipse Kitchen Coating

Importance of Coatings: Preserving the Beauty and Longevity of Your Fitout

As time passes, stains, deposits, dirt, grime, and chemical etching gradually accumulate on the surface of your newly installed fitout, leading to irreversible alterations in its appearance and finish. However, by applying our advanced coating products, you can effectively resist these unsightly stains and marks. Not only does this significantly reduce the time and effort spent on cleaning, but it also provides crucial protection to the new finish, ultimately extending its lifespan. By investing in our coatings, you can avoid the need for costly renovations in the long run, saving you both time and money.

IGL Eclipse for all kitchen and bathroom surfaces


Industrial Strength Protection with Ecocoat Eclipse: Ecocoat Eclipse, a REACH compliant ceramic coating, provides industrial-grade protection against hazardous chemicals, oil & gas, and cement. While formulated for demanding industrial applications, it also excels in residential settings, resisting staining from food and chemicals. By significantly reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning, Ecocoat Eclipse keeps your surfaces looking newer for longer, saving you valuable time.

Stain resistant window coating for all exterior and interior glass

The ultimate add-on to your glass - IGL Window: Ecocoat Window, a nano ceramic coating, is designed specifically for glass surfaces. By resisting mineral deposit formation, IGL Window reduces the frequency and effort required for cleaning, especially for glass shower screens and pool fencing. With IGL Window, your home's fitout remains newer for longer, allowing you to enjoy sparkling, low-maintenance glass surfaces.

 Natural finish wood coating to prevent rotting and stains

Multiple Surface Coatings: Ecocoat Wood: For all porous surfaces, Ecocoat Wood offers a breathable, water-based, and zero VOC ceramic coating. It forms an invisible nanotechnology-based layer that repels liquids, dirt, and UV radiation, preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the surface. By eliminating the need for staining or lacquering, Ecocoat Wood simplifies the maintenance process and ensures your surfaces retain their original finish.

 Clean less live more

Long Lasting Corrosion Protection with Ecoclear AEGIS: In corrosive environments, such as coastal areas prone to salt spray, Ecoclear AEGIS provides long-lasting protection for steel, concrete, glass, and other vulnerable surfaces. With up to 15 years of corrosion resistance in non-marine environments, AEGIS safeguards your home's structural fixtures, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. By investing in Ecoclear AEGIS, you save significant amounts of money in the long run.


Flexible & Tough Coating with Ecocoat Armor: Ecocoat Armor is a premium coating reinforced with graphene nanotubes, offering unparalleled durability. It withstands UV rays, corrosion, impact, abrasion, chemical attacks, weathering, and mechanical damage. By applying Ecocoat Armor to high-contact, high-touch surfaces, you prolong their lifespan and reduce the frequency of maintenance, resulting in time and cost savings. Additionally, the texture of Ecocoat Armor can provide non-slip properties for added safety.

Conclusion: Preserving the value and longevity of your home is crucial, and IGL Coatings' Protective Nano Coating Systems offer a powerful solution. By shielding your surfaces from external factors and providing time-saving cleaning benefits, these coatings help you save valuable time and keep your home's fitout newer for longer. Invest in the power of nanotechnology with IGL Coatings to protect your home, streamline your cleaning routine, and enjoy long-term savings.

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