IGL Eclipse Industrial Nano Ceramic Coating

As seen in the Sydney Home Expo

Surface: All non absorbent surfaces
ecocoat eclipse is a REACH compliant coating which is formulated specifically for the extremely demanding industrial applications involving hazardous chemicals, oil & gas and cement that requires good releasing property and chemical agent resistance. The result is a high anti-fouling chemical, reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning.

IGL Eclipse can be applied using a regular applicator cloth or can be sprayed directly onto surfaces without the need for levelling such as vehicle under-body, industrial machinery, mining equipment.

Some example uses for IGL Eclipse
  • Protection of industrial and commercial equipment such as vehicles, excavators, concrete trucks, machinery, pumps etc...
  • Protection and rejuvenation of outdoor signage and equipment
  • Commercial applications such as stainless steel kitchen benches in restaurants
  • Home application such as protection of kitchen benches, stainless steel (both stone and laminate) as well as appliances

Would you like to learn everything about IGL Eclipse and how to apply it? Enjoy the free tutorial below!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Scruba’s Detailing
Extremely versatile and great all rounder!

Forget what you think you know about ceramic coatings. This product here is so versatile I am finding new applications for it.

Chemical resistance and heat resistance is insane.

First uses for it were the hard black plastics on my Hilux. I've noticed not 1 water spot in the 5 months it has been on there compared to previous coatings I've used unable to hold up 1 month without water spotting.

I coated my exhaust with it. Heat and chemical resistance work so well. A quick wash and the stainless exhaust shines like new!

Around the house! Kitchen bench tops, ceramic cook tops, sinks, tapware you name it this coating will protect it and make it easier to clean. Now who doesn't want that?

Phillip Eames
Incredibly versatile coating

Using Eclipse for the first time and I love it.
Great finish, versatile, and the 200ml can goes a long way!

Home coating review

I have my bathrooms and whole kitchen including the stove cooktop, stone benches and sink coated with IGL eclipse and I can not recommend it enough. This product is magical and it is a must in every household. The cleaning process is so easy and spices are no longer staining my white benches. As a busy working mother, any tricks that help maintaining cleanliness is worth it.