IGL Titan - Photocatalytic anti microbial coating

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igl titan self disinfecting coating anti microbial

IGL Ecocoat Titan is a self disinfecting coating intended to be applied to a surface to create an enduring (long-life) coating. The formulation effectively inactivates and decomposes pathogens including viruses and bacteria when activated by ultraviolet (UV) light.

This invisible coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as handles, touch screens, public seats, handrails, petrol kiosk pumps, ATM machines, hospital equipment, elevator buttons and many more. The coating will bind to the surface and inactivate/kill bacteria, fungi and viruses that comes in contact with the surface for up to one year.

Unlike other photocatalyst products that are easily removed from touch, Ecocoat Titan’s unique 'Activ-Tough’ technology actively disinfects surfaces, durable against common household cleaners and continues to work even after 10,000 cycles of scrubbing. Ecocoat Titan is specifically designed for high traffic areas that requires high standards of hygiene. Areas of Application: Suitable to be applied on shared and public spaces such as lifts, elevators, handles, education and healthcare facilities, public toilets and more.

IGL titan has been tested to successfully bond to the following substrates

  • Metals
  • Laminates
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Cloth

Please contact us for a copy of our technical data, COVID efficacy test results and more information relating to IGL Titan.

igl titan disinfectant

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Tim Martin
delivers all that it claims!

incredible product that delivers on every single aspect and selling point it claims!