IGL Ecoclean Glass+ (waterspot remover)

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Ecoclean Glass+ is the ultimate glass cleaner!

It effortlessly removes waterspots and stains both chemically and using abraision leaving glass looking like new.

Perfect on all glass Automotive, Industrial and Residential from the humble shower screen at home to glass in high rise buildings.

It is a stabilized, zero VOC extremely powerful but safe window cleaner that removes watermarks and stains on glass. Unlike other acidic cleaners in the market, Glass+ is a pH neutral waterspot remover that is based on nano abrasive grinded into nano sized particles and dispersed in a solution that does not damage your glass.

Please note that whilst IGL Glass+ has abraisive qualities, it works best as a mineral remover. Etching spots on glass may require abraisive correction using machine polishing.

Customer Reviews

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Great product!

I had some stubborn mineral deposits and had tried a few brands of glass polish that didn't even make any difference. The Glass+ is much more powerful, and three passes got rid of all the deposits. Great product, far superior to the mainstream brands.

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Performance is perfect

Still testing its capabilities, but what it has been used on during my tests has been impressive