IGL Ecoclean Tar and Stain Remover

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Ecoclean Tar is a soy based cleaner that removes stains, tar, tree sap and bugs with ease.

Unlike other alternatives out in the market that are petrol based, our unique blend of natural ingredients ensures powerful results without the risk of damaging your vehicle paintwork.

It is formulated to attach to surfaces for a longer period allowing the product to dwell on the contaminant longer and reduce wastage of product. Features & Benefits - removes tar, bugs, tree sap and racing rubber from track days
- clings to vertical surface for better cleaning
- minimal rubbing required
- safe for automotive finishes Areas of Application all exterior surfaces of your vehicle
Directions For Use - shake bottle well
- apply directly on to surface
- wait 2-5 minutes then wipe off with a damp microfiber towel
- test first in an inconspicuous area to ensure colour fastness


Note: This product may impact the hydrophobic properties of some ceramic coatings, please follow up with IGL Premier for best results!

Customer Reviews

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Scott Pace

Awesome stuff

High performance exhaust paint stain removal - Absolutely amazing

Generic wax/grease remover and mineral spirits did nothing, but this cleaned the paint right up (following instructions)

Christian Hailazidis
Awesome product

This stuff removes residue like tar, bug splatter or even sticker/vinyl residue from decals applied to your vehicle! Recommend following the user instructions as its vital to know where to use this :)

Should be 10 Stars

This is by far the best cleaning product I have ever bought. After a Track Day I hated cleaning off the rubber scuff marks but with this it just wipes off. Its like I have a cheat code for cleaning! haha