IGL Ecocoat Elixir - 3 year single layer professional ceramic paint protection - Outdoor application friendly

Ecocoat Elixir is the revolutionary new ceramic coating from IGL Coatings that redefines excellence. A masterpiece of innovation that adapts and flexes to the ever-changing demands of automotive surfaces. Featuring an extraordinary high level of slickness and a super-smooth, luxurious glass-like finish. Easy to apply, Ecocoat Elixir can be applied both indoors and outdoors*, enhancing efficiency and convenience for professional installers.

*Outdoor application: To be applied only in stable weather conditions, not in direct sunlight and should not get wet within the first 2 hours of application. Please refer to the TDS for complete information on application processes. 


  • Easy, smooth and consistent application
  • Reduced streaks and high spots
  • Reduced uneven coverage during application
  • Enhanced efficiency during application
  • High slickness
  • Reduced water spotting
  • Outdoors and Indoors Application
  • Simplifies maintenance

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Scruba's Detailing
Absolutely outstanding game changer!

Wow! I honestly didn't think a single layer coating could be as good as this one is! Without word of a lie the easiest single layer coating I've ever applied and the results speak for themselves! The performance is unlike anything I've seen previously. If you haven't tried this get on it and give it a go.

Tim Martin
literally the best coating I have used to date!

in my experience this is by far the best coating I have worked with, from ease of application, consistency of the product, end result, customer satisfaction and ongoing performance. as well as value for money, Absolute winner and game changer!


Aside from Kenzo this is my favourite coating, easy to apply and amazing hydrophobic properties along with protection of course.


Outstanding product! Easy to use and has the chemical resistance and water properties expected but exceeds expectations!

Christian Ltd

One of the easiest coatings to apply from the IGL range. Great results, slick gloss finish, almost self-levels so no high spots. Highly recommend trying this coating!