IGL Carnauba Ceramic Nano Premium Wax

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Ecoshine Nanowax: Sustainable and Hydrophobic Automotive Wax

Experience the power of Ecoshine Nanowax, a cutting-edge automotive wax that combines sustainable and FDA-approved carnauba and natural waxes. Our specially formulated solid compound is further enhanced with nano-scaled silane and siloxane technology to deliver exceptional results.

Nanowax not only refreshes paint finishes but also effectively masks micro-scratches, giving your vehicle a flawless appearance. The ultra-thin layer of premium organic wax forms a strong bond with painted surfaces, creating an incredibly reflective and hydrophobic surface.

With Nanowax, you'll enjoy surfaces that are not only stunning but also easy to clean. Its hydrophobic properties repel water, oil, and dirt, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance. Plus, the wax provides long-lasting protection, with its effects lasting up to 3 months.

Choose Ecoshine Nanowax for a sustainable and high-performing solution to enhance the beauty and protection of your vehicle's paintwork. Trust in our advanced formulation and unleash the full potential of a truly exceptional automotive wax.

Note: Proper application techniques and surface preparation are crucial for achieving optimal results with Nanowax. Consult professional detailers or refer to our guidelines to ensure the best application and longevity of the wax coating.


Paintwork Safe: ✔
PPF & Vinyl Safe: ✔
Surface: All exterior gloss surfaces

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Smells amazing , beads water like crazy and lasts long!

My favourite wax, the best I have ever used. It is easy to apply, smells great, lasts a long time and beads water very well