IGL Jenko - Hybrid detailer/Water Spot Remover

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Paintwork Safe: ✔
Metal and Glass Safe: 
PPF & Vinyl Safe: ✔
Plastics Safe: ✔
Surface: All exterior surfaces

Jen's Knock-Out K.O. Mix works on almost every surface to clean, shine and protect your prized possessions. The Jen K.O. Mix, formulated by Jennifer Turcotte of Carsmotology, works quickly to remove stains and impurities while protecting it to give that showroom shine. Quick and easy to use, the Jen K.O. Mix makes everyday detailing a breeze and can also be used as a waterless wash and a drying aid.

This product is a must have as a regular maintenance item for ceramic coated vehicles as it will actively keep mineral deposits and water spotting under control as opposed to reactively removing them which is the industry standard!

Areas of Application : Windows, wheels, exhaust, door jams, emblems, interior tint, paints, plastics, rubber, vinyl wraps, matte paints and engines.



Customer Reviews

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Awesome quick detailer/ coating maintenance product!

This is my go to product for coating maintenances removing mineral/water spots or just as a quick detailer love it!

Scott Huston
Amazing detailer/waterspot remover!

This has to be one product you want in your detailing kit.

I’m not a huge fan of hybrid products but this one kicks it out of the park!

Well done team on an awesome product that works!

A must have for any ceramic coating

This product is highly recommended for any customer with a ceramic coated car as it will both remove mild water spots and protect in 1 go ensuring hydrophobic properties will be their best always

I keep a bottle of this in my car at all times now

For the price of this product you can't go wrong, its so versatile and does so many things well, it beads water, it removed water spots and is a fantastic waterless wash that doesn't leave marks on your car. Can't understand why it costs as little as it does for the results it gives.

Very effective and even easier to use!

Have a single car garage at home and north facing means I don’t get much shade to maintain the car outside but this product has made it super easy to keep its car looking it’s best all from the inside of a small garage. Another top IGL product added to th detailing bag