IGL Ecoclean Clay

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https://youtu.be/SZv7MQg2LdM Ecoclean Clay is designed to give your paint a smooth finish without the difficulty of using a traditional clay bar. It cleanses and decontaminates the surface in a single pass.

It easily removes over-spray, rail dust, industrial fallout and contamination that become embedded onto a vehicle's surface.

Features & Benefits
- Cleanses & decontaminates the surface in one step
- Does the job quickly and efficiently
- Rinse and reuse multiple times (up to 50 times)
Areas of Application
Car exterior, paint, windows, headlights & wheels
Directions For Use
- Spray some diluted ecoclean wash onto the ecoclean clay towel
- Glide gently on the surface (let it do the work for you)
- Do not use on any surface over 60°C