MJJC Foam Canon S V3.0 (Pressure Washer Snow Foam Lance Gun) - Karcher or Gerni

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The perfect Foam Canon to use with IGL Blizzard concentrated snow foam pre-wash is the MJJC Snow Foam Canon S V3.0! With new and improved features over the Pro V2.0!

Price, built quality, user friendliness, foam ability, and extra functions were all compared by Auto Express. The MJJC Foam Cannon S V3.0 stands out for its solid construction, superior foam experience, and additional features.

The 360-degree spray patterns on the MJJC Foam Cannon S V3.0 makes it perfect to spray foam for unusual angles and confined places. The MJJC S V3.0 additionally has a newily designed clear bottle that is less prone to tipping, as well as a flexible feed tube with a weighted ball to maintain the drawing foam to the end, regardless of orientation. MJJC S V3.0 also has a new connection system that allows for quick and easy replacement of nozzles, connections, and filters.


Whats new for the S V3.0!

What’s New with S V3.0

  1. New Structure – easier and smoother to control 360-degree spray.
  2. New Straw Tube – easier to consume all the liquid in bottle.
  3. New Bottle and Cap – easier to attach bottle to foam cannon body.
  4. New Foam Technology – thicker and shaving cream foam.

More Features since Version 2.0

  1. MJJC Connection/Fitting – easier and faster to attach fitting, no need glue or ptfe tape.
  2. MJJC Foam Technology – less noise, less soap but thicker foam.
  3. MJJC Style Bottle – less possibility to tip over.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
William Tabone
Excellent cannon!

First time use of a snow cannon and I was very impressed with the quality and performance of it. Excellent flow of snow on the vehicle and great coverage. Highly recommended.

Greg .H.
MJJC S 3.0

with out a doubt worth all the great reviews it has gotten and worth the money love it

Colin B
Great product

Works better than I expected, quite like the 1 litre capacity compared to my other foam lance (AutoGlym) pretty much the same

Adam Mayo


Sam Testa
Foam for days

By far the best foam cannon on the market. Have used 4 different brands of car wash and get thick coatings each time. Highly recommended. Thanks for distributing IGL