Professional Nano Coatings Online Training Course - How to apply IGL Ceramic Coatings

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Welcome to the worlds first online training course for the application of nano coatings!

In this training program you will learn everything you need to know about IGL's professional nano coatings, how to apply them, commonly asked questions as well as tips and tricks.

Further to this, bonus content in this course will cover critical marketing and sales advice as well as tips and tricks to not only assist your customer in having the best result from your application but to also improve your profitability and grow your business!

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Alternatively, by purchasing from this page directly you will receive a coupon for your first month of learning which will be emailed to you, a perfect gift to yourself or someone special!

Our training courses are available to everyone and anyone with a love of detailing or curiosity for coatings and are on a no-contract basis, cancel any time!

Please note that this purchase is for 1 month of subscription after which the subscription will revert to the regular rate highlighted on the course website.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brad Cavanagh

Extremely informative and professional! 5 ⭐️

Mahdi Green Nano Coating Services
Valuable training content

The course is great and a very valuable learning tool for anyone interested in applying nano coatings and especially if you are planning on applying IGL products. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Videos are high quality, content well thought out and very easy to follow and to go back and quickly reference each product before you apply it, which is just what we did and a quick refresher ensured the great results we have had. Using several other products previously the IGL ones backed up by this course work the best of any we have used to date and the downloadable information in some modules takes it even further to gain a very in-depth understanding of the nuts and bolts of the products and the prep and application. It is great value for money.

Perth polishing and protection
Informative training

I have recently purchased and viewed this online training course and even as a professional detailer with many years of experience I still found it to be informative as a refresher with many tips and tricks with each product and process explained clearly .
It is much better to actually see someone applying the products and explain them in a real world setting as sometimes just reading instructions can be left up to interpretation.
I would recommend the course to those who have very little experience through to the professional that may have forgotten some basics over years of working.

Ryan Gillespie
Course Review

I recently purchased the online training course, I found it very informative and easy to follow along. Short and to the point videos were good. I did find sometimes the questions didn’t directly correlate to the information given in the video. One example for interior coatings in the video it says 12 moths pending on usage (drivers seat etc) but when you get to the questions the answer is 12-24months pending usage. Only a small thing but that’s what I noticed with a few items.

Also I had completed the original modules. Now there is more added and I can’t access those yet it says I am only 52% complete. The additional modules are not of interest to me at this stage so I would have thought I may have got something to say I had completed the original section rather than leave the course sitting at 52% complete. Thanks

Good morning Ryan,

Thank you for taking the time to watch the videos and provide the feedback, it shows your commitment to investing in your detailing skills and knowledge.

Whilst we appreciate the 4 star review it is important to clarify some of your feedback.

The reason why the course is not 100% complete is that initially it was set up to be just for the 'Automotive' coatings with separate additional courses (at additional cost) for 'Industrial, domestic and marine' coatings however we decided to include those into the same subscription at no additional fee. These tutorials are in the process of being recorded and uploaded (we have already uploaded the IGL Aegis tutorial) so you are in fact getting much more for your subscription. It should be a positive note rather than a negative one.

In relation to the specific example used for IGL Leather, as the tutorial mentions durability is dependent on usage so yes it can be 12 months, it can be 10 years, the purpose of these videos is to give a real life explanation rather than reading out from a spec document. It is explained in the video in the same way that you should explain it to your customers and that will more often than not be a fluid answer rather than a set constant highly dependent on your customers specific vehicle, environment and use.

I hope this assists in clarifying your concerns and I look forward to your feedback for the remainder of the course as it is uploaded!